Where to go in San Miguel de Allende.

Melissa´s local hacks for awesome time.

Where to go in San Miguel de Allende can be a dificult choice be cause there are many good options. So once you arrive to Canela Fina, make sure everything is good for you. Enjoy our view and have a local beer that we left in the fridge and get set for a lovely weekend.

Our view from Canela Fina roof top.

For a nice casual lunch or a fun dinner in a local place.

Don’t miss “El manantial” on Barranca st # 78 This place is really cool, it’s like a hidden gem.
Great seafood tostadas, fish tacos, ginger margaritas
Yummy artichoke with dip and a great smoked Chile relleno (stuffed pepper) only 3 block up from the apts

For a great atmosphere in San Miguel de Allende.

“La parada” Peruvian restaurant is a really cool place with a great atmosphere, Excellent ceviches and Light easy food. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Located in Recreo 94 just two blocks away from our apartments.

Best places to have a drink with or without dinner.

Quince Roof top & Atrio Lounge, they are both located In Cuna de Allende street, also the roof top at rosewood Hotel is a must to watch the sunset.
Another great option is La Unica” located on Sollano 14, they also have a beautiful terrace with an amazing view.

The Best Place for a Sunday Brunch in San Miguel`In a beautiful setting with amazing food .

The Rosewood Hotel and The Aqua Live Hotel. They both offer an amazing buffet, there is something for everyone. There are multiple stations that cover numerous breakfast and lunch items. From tasty cheese and fruit to fresh baked breads and pastries to traditional Mexican hot dishes, sushi, crepes to order with numerous toppings, personalized omelettes with just about any filling you may like, plentiful pastry cart and much more. You definitely won’t leave hungry, but when you finally do, you’ll be full and smiling from ear to ear. They have attentive staff to bring you anything you may have missed, along with beverages

Rosewood hotel. Picture taken from google.

For Great International Food in SMA.

Great service and perfect price lunch/dinner go to “Hecho en Mexico” only a two and a half blocks away from Canela Fina, San Antonio St #8, no need for more description or photos, the place is perfect.

Naming the best bakery in town is so hard.

We just have so many but these are a few of my favorites.
Cumpanio” correo 29 Great place for a cup of coffee and a pastry (try the bolstok) they also have a restaurant, great place for breakfast.

Cumpanio, photo taken form theír website www.cumpanio.com

Across the street from Cumpanio is Pegaso restaurant, great easy food with amazing service and the best desserts in town 😋. There is “Pegaso every Friday you can purchase the English local paper called Atenciónn San Miguel, it is like a bible of all the activities in town.

Well pretty much this is my first of many local hacks. Try them and must important. Share it.

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